13 Reasons Why Indian Dads Are The Best

They may never show you outwardly that they are concerned (especially if you're a guy), but they're thinking about you all the time. 21st June is Father's Day and if you haven't planned a surprise for Papa, Baba, Daddy, Appa or whatever you call him, then we're giving you 13 reasons why you should appreciate him.

They're Great Story Tellers

Even the most trivial accounts of their past is the stuff of legends. If you run out of stories to tell your kids, you can surely take cue from your old man's stories.

They Know How To Make The Best Of Nothing

Back in their days, there were no computers, no video games and definitely no Facebook. All they had was their imagination for entertainment. Stones and twigs would turn into a game of slighshot and rubber tyres hanging from a tree doubled up as swings. There's so much you can learn from them.

They Got Hacks For Everything

Since your childhood you knew by default that if something breaks, dad can fix it. Every Indian dad has this unique skill of magically fixing broken things, and living things too, like your heart.

Indians Dads Don't Need Directions

Say you're road tripping on a weekend with family...your dad has lost his way, but he won't ever admit it. He won't even ask for help, ‘cause it's against the dad-code. Indian dads like to find their own way out. It may seem annoying at the surface value but he's actually teaching you to find your own way out while taking life's decisions and not rely on anybody else. ;)

Great Sense Of Intuition

Indian dads have a great sense of intuition. When you tell them, that you're dating somebody, they'll immediately want to meet them. And when they've met your partner, the chances of your dad liking him/her are likely to be 0.1%. But in the rare case of your dad liking them, be assured that you've chosen the right person.

They're Cool To Hang Out With

Dad isn't finicky like mom. When dad's in charge you can sleep on the couch, eat on the couch and do whatever you like on the couch.

Sarcasm Thy Name Is Dad

Dad's have this amazing sense of sarcasm and they shower you with it from time to time to teach you big lessons in a subtly effective way.

Never Showing Their Sensitive Sides

They'll never show you their sensitive sides, but in reality they feel equally emotionally attached to you as mom. It's tougher for them to watch you move out for further studies or post marriage, or to watch you in pain cause they can't express their emotions with tears. It breaks his heart to see that you're hurt.

Life Lessons On Dealing With Money

Whenever you complain about how less you get paid or how difficult it is for you to save Indian dads have this famous come back: "In my time, we didn't catch buses or taxis and walked several kilometres so that we could save something as little as 5 rupees. You need to understand the value of money!" Also, this one's a classic, "Money doesn't grow on trees". Money saving lessons for life!

Always Pushing You To Do Better

Whenever dad notices that you aren't giving it your all, he'll dig up stories of sweat and toil of his past and say something like, "I went to night school and worked in a garage to pay for it." Dads teach you that there are no excuses if you want to make it big.

He Will Cover Up For You

Dad is no doubt the calmer one out of your parents and when you've messed up something, you can rely on him to save you from mom's wrath.

Cute Little Messages They Send You

"Beta, hope you've had lunch", "beta, hope you aren't stressing yourself out" etc. Aww! Need we say more?

Dad Taught You To Say No

Whatever you ask from him, the answer will always be a "no", till the very end. Dads do this so that you learn to say "no" to things early in your life. So that you choose only what's best for you. If you haven't made your dad feel special lately, walk up to him and give him a tight hug, thank him for being the sunshine of your life. If you are staying far away from your father just call him up and say "I love you dad". It'll mean the world to him. Don't miss the opportunity to give dad a memorable surprise this Father's Day, all you have to do is pick a gift and leave the rest to us. Book gifts here.